Free Software for Post Processing GNSS Data

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SW GNSS is a free software for post-processing GNSS data. It supports static, kinematic and PPP processing.

Corrected positions can be exported as Excel files. The correction can be applied to an SW Maps project, and the corrected project can be exported as Shapefiles, GPKG or KMZ.

RINEX, u-blox UBX, Septentrio SBF and RTCM3 files are supported as input for rover and base station.

The post-processing engine is based on the open source RTKLIB program by T. Takasu. http://www.rtklib.com/

SW GNSS includes the modified version of RTKLIB by rtklibexplorer. https://github.com/rtklibexplorer/RTKLIB The application can automatically download PPP correction files from IGS and the European Space Agency. http://navigation-office.esa.int/products/gnss-products/