Free Software for Finite Element Structural Analysis and Design of Buildings

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SW FEAD (Finite Element Analysis and Design) is a free structural analysis and design software for the analysis and design of buildings. The software can be used for three-dimensional static and dynamic analysis of buildings for earthquake loading based on the NBC 105:2020 and IS 1893:2016 standards. The software is also capable of design of reinforced concrete beams and columns, as well as drawing generation.


Structural Modeling
  • Structures can be modeled using frame, slab, masonry infill walls and concrete wall elements
  • Frame elements can be modelled based on Euler-Bernoulli or Timoshenko beam theories
  • Masonry infill walls modeled according to IS 1893:2016 provisions
  • Reinforced concrete walls modeled as Multiple-Vertical-Line-Element-Model (MVLEM) elements
  • Elements can be drawn graphically in 3D or section views
  • Building frame structures may be generated based on user defined size and number of bays and storeys
  • Different support conditions can be assigned to nodes
  • Reinforced concrete and steel sections are supported. Automatically calcualtes all required geometrical properties based on section dimensions.
  • Support for flexural and shear stiffness modifiers
Load Combinations
  • Pre-defined load cases for dead load, live load, storage live load and earthquake load (X and Y direction)
  • Load combinations can be automatically generated based on NBC 105:2020 and IS 1893:2016 standards.
  • Concentrated and distributed loads may be assigned to frame elements, and uniform area loading may be applied to slabs.
Earthquake Loading and Analysis
  • Automatically computes earthquake loads based on the NBC 105:2020 and IS 1893:2016 standards.
  • Seismic analysis can be performed using the Seismic Coefficient Method or the 3D Modal Response Spectrum method
  • Display axial force, shear force and bending moment diagrams, as well as deformations.
  • Mode shape display and animation
Reinforced Concrete Design and Drawing
  • Automatically performs the limit state design of reinforced concrete beams and columns for axial, shear, bending and torsion.
  • Performs ductile design based on the NBC 105:2020 or IS 13920:2016 standards. Design based on the IS 456:2000 standard is also supported.
  • Computes and displays the required rebar percentage in all reinforced concrete members
  • An interactive design mode to assign reinforcement bars to members
  • Automatic detailing feature to auto-assign rebar number and spacing based on user-specified bar sizes
Drawing Generation
  • Generates L-Section and X-Section drawings of beams and columns
  • Drawings are exported to the AutoCad DXF format and can be edited or printed from any compatible CAD application